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09 November 2009 @ 10:15 pm
A try to characterize Mashiro and answer the question how she relates to Kensei  
Hello everyone,

a few weeks ago I have sat down and written up a rather holistic characterization of Kensei (link can be found in the essay on Mashiro). It has been pointed out to me that a look at Kensei is incomplete without looking at Mashiro and taking their both interaction into account as well.

The end result is definitely an interesting read (it comes with graphics as well :) ), whether you just wish to have a full summary about her at hand or are interested at an analytical look into her or would like to read up on the relation between her and Kensei - please feel free to check out the essay at my LJ -  HERE.

Comments and discussion is very welcome! ♥ 

(of course as always in such cases, the essay reflects my views and my interpretation and while I tried to stay objective and back up my thoughts/ideas with the manga, it is only natural that I come to other conclusions than other fans. That's the beauty of fandom after all. There is no bashing of characters in my essay and I won't tolerate that in a discussion either. Thank you.)