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Masked Army

A Vaizard-themed Fan Community

Masked Army - A Vaizard Fanworks Community
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A Bleach fanworks community dedicated specifically to the Vaizard.

Welcome to Masked Army, a fanworks community dedicated to those wonderful characters from Bleach known as the Vaizard.

This community was created because while there are fan communities to several of the Vaizard individually, there isn't one that is simply dedicated to them all. Please feel free to post anything Vaizard related here, whether it be fanart, fanfiction, cosplay pictures, icons, or simple discussions. All that we ask is that you follow a few simple rules. The comm has open membership, and artists/writers of all skill levels are welcomed here, so feel free to join and share the Vaizard love!


Rule #1 - Be respectful to ALL members of the community, whether you agree with what they are saying or not.

Rule #2 - When posting spoilers, please place them behind an lj-cut so as not to offend. While it is true that many of us are probably hand-in-hand stalking Sleepy Subs for their next TBTP chapter, not everyone is.

Rule #3 - Please use clear ratings on all content that may be questionable, and keep all large images and posts behind an lj-cut. This comm accepts fanworks of all genres and ratings, but make sure that anything above an R rating is CLEARLY labeled as such, and f-locked to this community.

Rule #4 - Please do not spam this comm. If you wish to post relevant links, pimp your RP community that needs Vaizard members, or other such things, those are allowed. Keep your emo-wangsting, bitch-rants, "look at me~~" and other such things to your own personal journals to torture your normal friends with.

Rule #5 - Please only post Vaizard-relevant materials here. That means no Arrancar, Shinigami, etc. Ichigo counts, because he IS technically a Vaizard, but we don't want the comm spammed with just him. Other characters are ok as long as the work you are posting contains Vaizard as well. For instance, pairings with 1 Vaizard and 1 non-Vaizard, pictures of groups, etc.

Layouts and graphics done by your mod-sama (tasogaretaichou in disguise). If any graphics or icons sources belong to you, please let us know for credit.

Affiliates/Other Communities
We've compiled a short list of other communities where you can also post your Vaizard love. Should you find any others, let us know and we'll add them.

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